about heba


I am based out of Chapel Hill & love to travel, so just ask.  

I love being a mom to Blum (pronounced "bloom", named after her great grandmother and my mother, Sara Blum), and also my sweet beagle, Sammy.

I was born & raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I love the color orange. 

I like to pretend I need coffee to start my day, but ask anyone who knows me & they will say I am "naturally caffeinated." *since having a child, this has changed, I now, NEED the coffee :)

I never had a pet growing up & my world now revolves around my beagle, Sammy.  

I love a feel-good story, stopped watching violent movies five years ago & have seen a handful of the 'seven wonders of the world'. 

I am a proud ambassador for Lululemon & also honored to be the local photographer for their stores....most of the time, you will catch me in a pair of their yoga pants.

I love being in love & am lucky enough to have an abundance of it in my life...making photographing weddings the best job ever.

I live for capturing moments that may otherwise be lost forever, & my favorite is when a client becomes a friend.

I was on a hit reality tv show, ran my first half marathon weeks after my 31st birthday & a year after weighing 300 pounds.

Some people call me over ambitious, but i like to keep them guessing....it's more fun! 

dull was never the way i wanted to live & if i am in charge of writing my own story, it's going to be a good one. 

Some of my most precious possessions are old photographs because they tell a story.

What will your story be?


"sometimes i do get to places just when god's ready to have someone click the shutter."  - ansel adams


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